Battle Islands v2.3.4 [Mod]​

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Added: 12-10-2016, 08:22 AM
Current version: 2.3.4 [Mod]​
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Battle Islands v2.3.4 [Mod]​

It’s 1942, and deep in the South Pacific your platoon of crack troops lands on a tropical island, but can you defeat enemy forces and hold your ground to fight another day?

You’ll need to act quickly in this action-packed, WW2-themed battle strategy game – Control air, sea, and land forces, build your garrison, battle against friends and create powerful allegiances!


- Control troops, jeeps, tanks, boats and warplanes over air, sea, and land as you vie for superiority deep in the South Pacific
- Build and improve your military might, and use it to raid and pillage enemy islands and capture their resources
- Make sure you've a strong garrison - your enemies are itching to invade!
- Exciting Real-time strategy and combat game-play
- Battle against friends in the fight for supremacy
- Join together with others by setting up or joining an Alliance, and use real-time Chat to strategize!
- Compete weekly with similarly-ranked players to be top of your Division
- Optimized for both tablet and smartphone
- Play across devices and save your progress by linking to a social media account


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Mod List:

1- Unlimited Gold - ( Adding When Spend )
2- Unlimited Cash - ( Adding When Spend )
3- Unlimited Deploy Troops - ( Adding When Spend ) Works In Multiplayer
4- Unlimited Deploy Troops - ( Adding When Spend ) Works In Campaign
5-Unlimited Spells - ( Adding When Spend )