Kapu Bloom Tunes v1.0

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Added: 25-01-2015, 09:27 PM
Current version: 1.0
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Kapu Bloom Tunes v1.0


Kapu Bloom Tunes not only combines the two of the most awesome pastimes, creating music and painting, but it also teaches the small users the basics of how melodies and tunes are crafted in a fun and surprising way.

The digital toy is designed for ages 0-5.

How to play:

• The kids can dig deep in to the ground to find and decorate the seed of a mystical melody flower.
• Painting will make the whole soil resonate with beautiful chords and joyful melodies, inspiring the little ones to further explore the world of music and even to create their own compositions!
• Pouring magic water over the seed will make it sprout as a happy little plant, which will in time bloom in to a colourful flower, full of life and music!
• When tickled the plant will sing you an ever-changing melody!
• The plant knows how to sing familiar nursery rhymes as well as dozens of cheerful little compositions of its own!
• By giving it a spin of its petals, the child can explore and experiment by speeding up, slowing down or playing in reverse these magical small melodies, at the same time learning about the small pieces all music is made of!

The gameplay and intuitive controls have been designed so that there is no wrong way to play with the toy; everything the kids do will make it work.

There are no high-scores, time limits or difficulty levels - just endless fun for the tiny ones.


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