Sort and Stack v2

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Added: 02-01-2015, 01:41 AM
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Sort and Stack v2

Sort and stack! Your kids will get the knack! Animals and shapes attract in this stimulating app.

Discover this award-winning educational app featuring a variety of stacking games encouraging kids aged 3 and up to organize colors, build shapes and create toys.

Sort and Stack is a fun educational app designed for kids to build interactive skills, problem solve and think creatively by encouraging them to identify, sort and stack shapes and pieces.


- Beautifully designed 3D toys for creative interaction
- Easy and advanced play for each game for kids to grow with
- Magical celebrations and sounds upon successful moves and completion of each game bringing joy and building confidence
- Simple and engaging interface allows for uninterrupted play
- Optimized for creative play
- Safe play environment means no ads, pop-ups, or in-app purchase options

About Croco Studio:
Croco Studio is an award-winning team of parent developers intent on creating apps that kids adore and parents trust. Our apps provide a safe playing environment without ads or in-app purchases. At Croco Studio we create apps that encourage kids to learn the fun way.

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