Swish v1.0.3

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Added: 09-12-2014, 10:53 PM
Current version: 1.0.3
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Swish v1.0.3

What happens when aliens discover basketball? They go crazy for it!
Shoot the ball and use outer space as best as you can to master the traps set by the aliens, and grab as many power-ups as possible. Pay attention, though, and select the right trajectory when you shoot or you'll miss the basket! If you want to win, the ball will have to go Swish!

Swish offers 60 interstellar levels for innovative gameplay that combines puzzles and wayward bouncing. Will you be able to collect all the Cosmo Beez that have found their way on board? With your unique abilities and super boosters, outer space will soon hold no bounds for you.
"In Swish, aliens have stolen a basketball from the planet Earth, and brought it back with them on their spaceship.
They then performed a whole bunch of screwball experiments to add a touch of novelty to this Earth game.
Are you ready to find out what space basketball is like?"

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SWISH features
● 60 interstellar levels
● Innovative gameplay
● Activate unique boosters
● Use parts of the scenery to win
● Immerse yourself in a universe of vibrant graphics
● Gaming fun guaranteed