Andy The Magic Train v2.0

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Added: 04-12-2014, 11:38 PM
Current version: 2.0
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Andy The Magic Train v2.0

Educational game where children accompany Andy The Magic Train on an adventure to rescue his friends (Animals, Colors, Alphabet Letters and Shapes) that were spellbound by the Mystery Magician.

Various professional roles participated in game development, from programmers and designers, Speech Therapists and Educational Psychologists to parents, teachers and children who collaborated and enriched the final product.


• Learn in English and Spanish.
• Enjoy 3 fun modes (based on cognitive abilities) for each stage:
o Visual Identification.
o Visual Memory.
o Speech recognition.
• Join Andy in wonderful stages as:
o Animal Forest with a large waterfall, trees, flowers and more.
o Space Colors with stars, rockets, planets and UFOs?
o Fantasy Letters with dragons, a pirate ship, castles and even Aladdin's lamp!
o Road to Mysterious Castle, is mage's home, the final test!
• Full collectibles album!
• Enjoy the ability to view the adventure story in the "mode" of digital tale.
• No in-app purchases.
• No third party advertising.

To enjoy the best gaming experience we recommend devices with equal or superior characteristics: 512 MB RAM and 1GHz processor.