Alarms is powerful alarm clock program. Flexible adjustments of repeating allows you never miss any important event! Support of MIDI/WAW/MP3/OGG files allows you to use any music you like for alarm sound. Features: * Unlimited number of independent alarms * Quick titles for frequently used alarms

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AppRemover For Android

Easy to use and extremely fast uninstall app. Allows you very easy and fast, uninstall applications from your phone. Features: - fast uninstall with 1-click - bulk uninstall - filter - all kinds off sortings (with ads)

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Move2SD Enabler App

SetInstallLocation let’s you set the default install location so that ALL apps, including those not yet officially support it, install automatically to your location choice. Requirements: * root * froyo (Android 2.2) * USB debugging enabled * Fat32 partition with free space on the SD

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Network Widget

Click on network name to show preferences Click on icon to toggle ON/OFF wifi Warning: this is a widget, you HAVE to add it to your home screen

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Nexus Revamped

Like the Nexus live wallpaper but with improved efficiency and extra customisability * Touch interaction * Multi-Touch interaction * Works with Launcher pro * Min/Max Speed * Spawn density * Many more settings Pro version has: * Reaction to battery level (Color and speed) * Custom background

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BatterySave Free

BatterySave is an intelligent little helper that helps you save battery by changing system settings dependent on the current battery level, without disturbing your current tasks. New in v: Improved profile activation behavior if device is charging. Settings changed by profiles are now reverted

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Android Seven Free

Android Seven- Next Generation Free Launcher Enjoy the real look and feel of Windows 7 on your Android phone. The real interface HOME SCREEN with all features that are must for a Launcher. It has more features than others available launchers in the market like SPB Shell or ADW Launcher. FEATURES

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The world’s most downloaded free security solution is now available for Android™. Keep your device safe with just one click. Download AVG Antivirus free today and: v Scan apps, settings, files, and media in real time v Find your lost or stolen phone via Google maps v Backup and restore all your

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THIS APP IS FOR ROOTED PHONES ONLY! AdFree removes most ads in the browser and other apps. It does this by nullifying requests to known host names in the system hosts file. If you have problems with this app, or you know of additional host names not being filtered, please comment in

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aLigher for Android. Show your flame! And it’d so much easier, safer, and cooler than a real lighter.

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99 Names of Allah

Asma al-Husna – The Most Beautiful 99 Names of Allah. The 99 Names are presented in beautiful Arabic Golden Calligraphic style together with English and their meanings. “The most beautiful names belong to God: so call on Him by them;…” (Al-Quran 7:180) The Video animation shows nice presentation

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