News Republic-Live.News.Social v7.1.9 [Subscribed]

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News Republic-Live.News.Social v7.1.9 [Subscribed]

News Republic is the world's leading aggregator of social news and video content all personalized to you. Whether you are interested in up-to-date Trump’s press conference, following the 2018 World Cup Qualifier Rounds, you can find them in News Republic.
1 Screen Locker News:  Quickly browse the latest news of the moment from a broad selection of topics without unlocking your phone.

2 News Search Engine: News Republic provides the ability to keyword search across thousands of news sources,including newspapers, magazines and television stations,etc.

3 Personalization:  News Republic offers a unique content experience tailored to each individual users based on your interest;the top trending news, the cutest cat GIF, or the best viral video.

4 Cartoon Profile Picture: Freely comment without creating user account while representing by customized cute cartoon figure.
5 Instant View:  A quick, simply, and user-friendly content experience without wasting your data allotment.
6 Tons of Content:  We offer more than 100,000 articles and videos per day covering 30+ topics; from cooking, travel to daily top news stories etc.  
7 Not Just The News: News Republic provides weather, sport scores, viral videos that can be easily shared with your friends through any social network.
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