Grana - Expense Manager v0.7.8

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Added: 29-01-2015, 12:22 PM
Current version: 0.7.8
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Grana - Expense Manager v0.7.8

It is very important to organize your money, but if you have never had much patience or discipline to track all your expenses in those other financial control applications, then Grana might be the right app for you.

Grana is the most simple and clean financial manager you have ever seen. In just a few seconds you can add expenses, incomes, manage and edit categories as well as analyse all your personal finance statistics.

You can learn, for example, how much you spent on food last week or how much more you spent on fuel this month compared to last month. This makes it easy to plan how much you should spend to not exceed your budget.

All the details of this application were designed to make your life easier. From its interface, clean and without many buttons and menus in all corners of the screen, to its features, summarized to what you really need.

Try it! Using Grana is a guarantee of a fluid and practical experience, so you can spend your time and money on what really matters. Just like you have always wanted :)

NOTE: The SMS permission is required because the app can parse brazilian banking SMS to add transactions automatically. It will not interfere at all with your system. In fact, this feature is disabled by default for anyone who's not in Brazil.