illuMEnate:Front Flash Selfies v2.0

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Added: 28-01-2015, 06:10 PM
Current version: 2.0
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illuMEnate:Front Flash Selfies v2.0

No More Dark Selfies!

Introducing illuMEnate the newest and best way to take selfies with your front facing camera in low light!

illuMEnate is a simple,easy to use and effective way to take pictures using your front facing camera in low light situations. Using your devices screen as a flash, illuMEnate brightens even the darkest selfies so they come out looking bright and beautiful! Once you're done taking that perfect shot, illuMEnate offers you a vareity of filters and frames to take your selfie to the next level! Use bright colored lights to give your selfies added depth giving your pictures fun glows and reflecting your moods!

illuMEnate your selfies, take pictures in the dark and bring them to light!