Mira Selfie Editor v1.1.6

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Added: 27-01-2015, 11:19 PM
Current version: 1.1.6
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Mira Selfie Editor v1.1.6

• Mira is the most powerful automatic tool for quickly and easily editing your selfies
• Limited time launch price of $0.99!
• From the makers of PortraitPro, the world's best selling airbrushing software used by professional photographers everywhere!

Whether you need an image for a professional profile or to share with friends, make sure you put your best face forward with Mira. Bad skin, poor lighting and unkind angles can ruin great photos but now with Mira you can fix these issues. Mira uses cutting edge technology to put the power of airbrushing in your pocket. You don't need Photoshop skills to quickly and easily make sure that your pictures look like you on your best day, just use Mira!

What can Mira do?

• Remove blemishes and improve skin with sliders to remove fine lines, shadows and pores
• Selfie correction to fix phone camera distortion which makes your nose look bigger
• Slim your face, widen your eyes, adjust your eye shape, mouth shape, plump your lips and lengthen your neck – as much or as little as you want with easy sliders
• Improve the lighting on your face with over 7 controls
• Emphasize your eyes with 6 separate eye controls
• Perfect your pout with 6 mouth controls
• Make sure the color of your image is perfect with 4 controls for a flattering complexion
• Adjust the contrast, exposure, vibrance and temperature to make sure you look your very best